Action Learning New York

Reflection and Action for Teams and Leaders

Leader Coaching

Action Learning enables leaders to drive continuous improvement, skills building, retention and learning reinforcement. Leader-Coaching is crucial to improving the performance of teams and organizations.

Team Building

Action Learning guides teams to collaboratively design solutions to complex challenges. Breakthrough thinking and innovation are the direct result of advanced questioning, deep reflection and action in groups.

Coach Certification

Become a Certified Action Learning Coach with the World Institute for Action Learning. Certified Coaches skillfully elevate group dynamics to increase problem-solving and conflict resolution competencies in teams and leaders.


Christine Fisher

Mies skillfully held us accountable, while keeping the environment positive and nudging us to expand our thinking further.

Andrew Jacobs

Action Learning is a 21st century solution, empowering participants with a new skill set, ready for use.

Judit Revesz

I highly recommend the Action Learning Coaching Certification with Mies de Koning.
A new understanding of group dynamics and leadership allowed me to strengthen my leadership-coaching skills

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